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HM2000Horse Herd Management 2000 - Equine Edition
is uniquely designed to give the user the ability to easily customize record-keeping for individual business needs. This powerful program keeps track of an unlimited number of horses, their photos, pedigrees, progeny lists, show records, health records, breeding records, farrier service, training records, nominations and miscellaneous costs. Herd Management 2000 wins over other software programs because of its customization capabilities. The user can easily customize record fields, data entry screens, and custom reports.

"I am thrilled to have had a part in the creation of Herd Management 2000 Equine Edition! After working the past 15 years with programs that did not have the capabilities to do so many things that were sorely needed when managing a horse herd on the computer, I believe this program will change the way the Equine Industry manages records. Herd Management 2000 Equine Edition will fill the requirements of any breeder, trainer, exhibitor, marketing agent or family who owns horses".

- Diane Rees (Equine Management & Marketing)

A great horse management database program at an incredibly low price ...

The Price: $325

That's right, $325. There are no additional products to buy, or a more expensive version that runs faster or has more options. Everything, just $325. This is a special introductory price for a software that will handle any situation a breeder or horse owner has to manage. Horsemen no longer need to buy multiple programs to serve their needs.

Key Features

Here's a list of some key features in Herd Management 2000 - Horse Edition:
  • Keep track of unlimited number of horse information

    Based on the combination of easy to use and a reliable database structure, this program provides all the needs for collecting a horse's basic detail information data and other lists of everyday activities such as health service, farrier service, competitions and show records, training, nominations, and miscellaneous costs (ie: advertising & tack), etc...

    Pedigree and progeny.

    Multiple owners.

    Photo image.

  • Data security

    Data is secured since user needs password to login.

  • Easy to use

    Point and click.

    Or just use the keyboard during data entry.

    Two simple standard screen formats throughout the program: list, and maintenance (detail) screens. Once you are acquainted with these 2 standards screens, all other screens within this program are similar.

    Ability to sort and search any column within the list screens so that data can quickly be retrieved.

  • Transponder identification tag reader device interface

    ID Chip

    Attach any transponder ID scanner device to your computer to scan and search for horse record.

  • Easily arrange your own data entry screen

    You can create your own data entry screen using properties such as: visible, left position, top position, and width.

  • Easily make any custom report

    You can create any report using the query criteria on any horse record field such as: data range, and sub-match.

    Use compute expression for more detail calculations.

    Share your custom report with other users with the use of the import/export functionality.

  • Easily rename any user-defined custom record field

    You can change the name of any of the 9 available user-defined record fields.

  • Increase data entry speed by creating predefined drop-down lists

    Define drop-down lists of often repeated data to increase data entry time efficiency.

    Libraries of most often used selections: breeds, colors, health services, farrier services, etc.

  • Group entry

    Group edit feature let the user enter data for a group of horses just like entering data for one horse.

  • Powerful database

    Store unlimited number of horses for unlimited number of years.

    Archives sold/removed horse records.

  • Backup/Restore

    Archive your database file and store it in a safe storage area for later retrieval if needed.

  • Excellent FREE technical support

    Free knowledgeable, dedicated, and friendly technical support.

  • Operate on all Microsoft Windows operating systems

  • FREE Evaluation copy available. Download and experience it yourself.