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Herd Management 2000 - horse, cattle, and bison herd management software
WELCOME - Herd Management 2000 - Cattle Edition ( Version 3.4.4 )
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Learn Herd Management 2000 - Cattle Edition in 6 Hours

Computers have been around for quite sometime. Cattle ranchers need to take advantage of this magnificent computing technology along with a solid herd management database software to manage their ranch operation better. You'll appreciate how much Herd Management 2000 will help you to keep track of your cattle better for years to come. With its simple and easy to understand design, Herd Management 2000 will save you (ranchers, breeders, yard feeders, and veterinarians) hours spent on the computer so you will have more time to physically manage your herd.

A great cattle management database program at an incredibly low price ...

The Price: $249

That's right, $249. There are no additional products to buy, or a more expensive version that runs faster or has more options. Everything, just $249. This is the total cost for a software that will handle any situation a breeder or cattle owner has to manage. Cattle rancher no longer need to buy multiple programs to serve their needs.

Here's a list of some of the features in Herd Management 2000 - Cattle Edition:
  • Measurement  - Record cattle's weight, height, chest, pelvis, body condition score, ration, horn measurements, etc.
  • Cow Status  - Track cow's pregnancy, lactation, bred date, expected due date, breeding procedure, etc.
  • Veterinarian Health Record  - Record each animal's health services such as vaccine shots, foot rot, lameness, pinkeye, ringworm, and brucellosis, etc.
  • Breeding  - Record breeding activities such as AI, embryo collection, embryo freezing, semen transfer, and ultrasound, etc.
  • Feeding  - Keep track of what you are feeding.
  • Electronic ID  - Attach any transponder ID scanner device to your computer to quickly scan and search for cattle record.
  • Owner Expense  - Record all owner expenses.
  • Miscellaneous Cost  - This is where you record a cattle's other expenses.
  • Pedigree and Progeny  - Manage unlimited number of generations.
  • EPD  - Record Expected Progeny Difference to facilitate comparisons among animals in the herd.
  • Billing  - Record billing transactions and send bills to clients.
  • Custom Report  - If built-in reports are not enough, you can create your own custom reports.
  • Multiple Owners  - Ability to manage one or many owners in a single database.
  • Address Book  - Business related name and address is listed in one common place.
  • To-Do Task Reminder  - Notify you ahead of time of any planned tasks such as expected due date, veterinarian services, stall cleaning, etc.
  • Photo Image  - Showing off the pictures of your favorite sires or dams.
  • Security  - Your data is secured since users need password to login.
  • Backup/Restore  - Archive your database file and store it in a safe storage area for later retrieval if needed.
  • Group or Batch Entry  - Group edit feature let user enter data for a group of cattle just like entering data for one cow.
  • Powerful Database  - Store unlimited number of cattle for unlimited number of years. Also archive disposed cattle records
  • Excellent FREE Technical Support  - Free knowledgeable, dedicated, and friendly technical support.
  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems  - Operate on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista operating systems.

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